July 3rd Brew Day

I had a good full day of brewing with my buddy Brad (and Chris later on) last Friday (3rd of July). We did three batches, two for Brad and one for myself. Brad did a partial mash “pale” stout, his own creation (Orcs Brew) that included the following:

1 lb pale malt
1 lb oats
3/4 lbs dark malt extract
1 ounce centennial at 60
Nottingham ale yeast (500ml starter)

The calculations from brewsmith predicted an OG of 1.080, he ended up hitting 1.076. He believes this was due to the oats not providing enough sugar.

The second batch Brad did was an American Amber, he made some modifications to the hop profile to lower the IBUs. He will be adding raspberries to the secondary . It sounds really awesome.

I ended up going with a Scottish 80 w/ specialty grains. Its considered an English ESB but focuses on malt instead of hops (lower IBU).

OG 1.047 (I had too much water ended up with OG 1.043)
1lb English medium crystal (specialty)
3.15 lbs Gold malt extract (60min)
3.15 lbs Gold malt extract (15min)
1oz US Fuggle (60min)
Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale

I also used my new smoker for the first time. I smoked two 6lb pork butts. I ended up running way to high of temps (300-325) and it completed the smoke way to soon (6hrs). Talking with some experts I found out I just plainly set it up wrong. First off I didn’t add enough charcoal / wood (you would guess less fuel would make it cooler, but its not true for a Kamado). In fact I needed to triple the charcoal and double the wood. Once things shoot a bit over temperature you shut it down closing both dampers to kill some of the fire. Then slowly open them up to hit your target.

I did wrap them a few hours in and kept spraying them down with a mixture of apple juice and maple whiskey. It seemed to help keep things moist. The maple whiskey smelled really awesome. Overall it didn’t turn out bad, but it lacked on the smoke.

That’s it for the July 3rd brew day! Brad is encouraging me to do a Scottish Wee Heavy next. Its one of my favorite styles and one I don’t get very often. Its a great fall / winter beer so I might take him up on it. I also would like to get a mead going ASAP!



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  1. Looks great!

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