Finally, 4 years later and I am back.

I took a long break from homebrewing and plan on finally getting back into it  thanks to my very good friend Brad. He got into it awhile back and has been egging me on to start back up myself. This blog is for my own personal amusement and to keep a log of my adventures. I doubt many will read it, but if you do welcome! I plan on posting my homebrewing and meat smoking adventures.

I got some new equipment last week (for fathers day) as I am missing the majority of my old stuff.

I also recently got a new smoker for my birthday. Its a Char-Griller Akorn, and does pretty much everything. But smoking will be the main usage. Akorns are “Kamado” style grills / smokers that are very much a more affordable version of the “Big Green Eggs”. When I say affordable I mean they run around 300 bucks. They are heavily insulated and can hold steady temps with very little fuel. There is also a very active community for Kamado’s with some passionate users that tweak and modify these guys.

During the first burn in, you are suppose to keep temps around 450 for an hour or so. Afterwards I grilled up a bunch of meat. I was able to fit 6 brats, 6 burgers and 8 hot dogs without an issue. They also come with an additional warming rack that fits into the holes. When smoking you can easily get 3-4 pork butts in there. Another neat feature is under the grate there are tabs that can hold a pizza stone, or another grate to place a heat shield / drip pan. You might also notice the removable center piece, this allows you to drop in wood during a session.

I plan on brewing with my two good friends Brad and Chris this Friday. I am making up a Scottish 80 Shilling extract with specialty grains. And using Wyeast 1728 (Scottish ale).  Not going all grain just yet, Brad will be soon and I plan on using his knowledge when the time comes (and his equipment lol)



One Response to “Finally, 4 years later and I am back.”

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait til Friday!

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