Been away for awhile and have not spent enough time brewing with so much going on. The Irish Red has been all done and is 75% gone now as I gave many bottles away.  I still have everything hanging out reaching towards their experation date for the “American lager” so I am going to try and squeeze that in either tonight or thursday evening. Biggest challenge is my keezer needs to be transported and hooked up in the basement, and I have been as mentioned putting everything off. One good thing is my Wife and I have been venturing out more and have recently taken up biking.  So I guess trading off for something healthy isn’t such a bad decision. I have a bike ride planned for tonight and then a Katy trail expedition for Saturday.

Anyhow I have two competitions coming up as mentioned in a previous post, they are both HBT member driven events. Both casual in nature but I’m starting to run out of time.  I need to somehow get this Lager done then move onto a APA then IPA in the next month.  I took up spots for both as they limited entries so it would be crappy of me to fail to partake.

Something else that has been long left forgotten is the Dunkelweizen that was finished and ready a month ago. Dunkelweizen being a moderate gravity wheat beer doesn’t benefit from aging, so it really needs bottled ASAP!

I had some pictures to toss up of the Irish Red but they are at home still, will update this thread tomorrow with them.



2 Responses to “Lazy.”

  1. The red was pretty good.
    If you want, I can help ya with a late night brew on Friday. I can also help in the transport of heavy objects to wherever they need go.

  2. I didn’t think about that, we could do a late night. Stays light outside until almost 9 now and the bugs really don’t start rushing in until then. We will all be outside anyways then if you guys come. Thanks! =)

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