The Irish and the Apple.

I finally got chance last weekend to bottle the experimental Cider and Irish Red Ale.  I have been so busy / lazy the past month that I have not been on the ball with my brewing responsbilies. Luckily when bottling I had some help, my daughter really enjoyed helping wash and sanatize the bottles. Which is good to know, because as she gets older she will become a huge asset in the war of bottling.


Bottled about 80 bottles in total, since the Cider was only a 3 gallon batch. Good thing to because I am not sure how well this stuff is going to become. Just a fair warning, the recipe I posted was quoted as being a “Wood Chuck” clone, and after several people have made it everyone agrees its anything but. It has an upfront tart flavor, coupled with toasted malt on the back end. Very unique but not what I expected well see how it ages. Its defaintly drinkable though which is a big positive, just not something you want to run around and try to impress people with.

The Irish Red also got bottled, finished up around 1.015 started up at 1.060 so its ended up at 5.86% ABV so its got a little kick to it not really happy with the color, its not as Red as I wanted. But that’s what happens when you use a partial mash kit and don’t tweak it.

On deck: Dunkelweizen and an American Lager. I’m going to move my chest freezer to the basement and dedicating it 100% to lagering now, and will be moving my taps to my old fridge. Hope to crank out a few different lagers this year as I so far have only made one since kegged beer always took over the keezer.

I also have to come up with an APA and PA recipe for two competitions I signed up for, both over at the HBT forums. And since its summer I have to get a Hefe going, as its my favorite summertime style. So thats 5 batches that need to be made in the next month…

Lastweekend My Wife and two youngest attended the Annual Earthday celebration in Forest Park. Schlafly beer was the ONLY available brewer handing out some of the delicious offerings. The brought out their new “Organic Ale” and it was a very well rounded beverage. The also had their Kolsch and APA on tap also. I had the Organic and an APA while listening to some drumming at the grass stage.  It was a great day, plus I got to hear some people mumbling as they walked buy “where is the bud light” which gave me a chuckle.

This weekend we are attending the STL Microfest,

It will be the first time attending and from what I hear is one of the best beer fests STL has to offer, one that completely blows away the “Heritage Fest” put on by AB. I will be attending the afternoon session on Saturday and did pick up the VIP access as well. Its also for a good cause, so everyone should run over and pick up their tickets before its sold out. (and it will)

I will be posting pictures from the event next week!


2 Responses to “The Irish and the Apple.”

  1. Hey, have fun at the fest this weekend. Wish I could come, but there is a big black hole where my bank account should be.

  2. I know what you mean, we really don’t have the extra money either. I really am pumped though, its going to be rainy and cold and I still don’t care. 60+ beers to try, blues music and food. Rain or not its going to be a great time. If you guys change your mind come on down with us.

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