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EPIC FAIL – But hey the ciders good.

Posted in Beer, Cider on January 20, 2009 by Aleforge

Well I got to try out my Wee Heavy over the weekend to see if it had any hope at all for making the grade for this weekends competition. I had my doubts so I wasn’t shocked, the yeast just didn’t seem to finish up and with my recent move I had to skip the secondary or possible re pitch and just bottle the batch. It looks great, but that’s pretty much where it ends, since the yeast crapped out at about 1.030FG its overly, well … sickening sweet. Which 1.030 is acceptable for the style, however the SG is usually much higher then 1.094.  So I got this great looking pancake syrup, with a 8% ABV kick. Now what? Well there is a slight chance, (although slight might even be pushing it) that aging with help smooth things out. However once the yeast stop, they stop. So the sweetness has almost no chance to chill out. So I am just going to leave it in the basement conditioning for a year or so and give it one more taste. If there is no change I got the suggestion to use the stuff in a BBQ sauce, or meat marinade. Which actually might make the loss easier to handle.

On the lighter note the hard cider turned out fairly well. Its a touch over carbonated, which is causing the apple flavor to hide even more, but its light and bubbly and has a small kick after a few glasses. This stuff will be really tasty on a hot summers day, that is if any makes it that long. The great thing about it is how easy it is to make, so I will be making a new batch and will change up the yeast type to try for a slightly different flavor profile.

So I am a little bummed but sometimes you just get bad batches, it happens. Now I have as with most winters a lull in my brewing ambition, but I know it will come surging back once the temps climb out of the teens. So I have plenty of time to try and nail my next adventure and as of today I am having a hard time deciding on what to make.  I most likely will get my kegerator going again and toss a few lighter session brews on tap for the spring season.