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Wee Heavy.

Posted in Beer on November 24, 2008 by Aleforge

Category one complete, now all I have to do is be patient and hope that the yeast work their asses off! OG = 1.091 its got some work to do! The day did not go over without any problems though, I have never used this much malt before. After the additions of the malt I was near run over on my pot, and this was before I fired it up. Luckily a co-worker had hooked me up with a keggle over the summer. However I had never used it out of laziness. So after my friends and I gave it a quick thought I went down and dragged it out. Scrubbing and washing it the best I could.

This was “before” the malt additions!


Much better!


After disaster was averted things went pretty smooth, the garage smelled awesome although our wives didn’t agree. I had to make some small adjustments however to get the immersion chiller to fit, but it ended up working out as well.



The Competition is 2 months away, I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope for the best! Now I have to decide on whats next, German Alt or American Amber. I have never made either style, but both take much less time then the Wee Heavy.



Thanks Brad and Chris for hanging out and helping with the transfers. I would of made a huge mess with out the extra hands!


Pumpkin Rack.

Posted in Beer on November 21, 2008 by Aleforge

Well so my idea to dump 5 large cans of pumpkin into the boil was a huge mistake. I was warned by several people, but then It also came suggested by many others. In the end I lost 2 gallons of brew, I racked off the massive amount of sludge last night. I am getting a FG reading of 1.015 which seems to be on par with what it should be, however it tastes very light.  I am thinking since I lost so much to the sludge, especially when it moved from the pot to the carboy that it just didn’t turn out right. Does it taste undrinkable? No not really, it just lacks much of anything. The spices come through a touch, the pumpkin only slightly and hops seem to of went on vacation. I am going to go ahead and let this secondary for a few weeks then bottle. Who knows maybe it will ripen.

So the weekend approaches, and I have batch one of three to complete for the competition in January. Lets see that’s about 2 months away, and what style am I brewing? Scotch ale, my all time favorite! But wait not just any scotch ale, a Wee Heavy! YES a freaking WEE HEAVY, with only 2 months to spare! I am such an idiot, I honestly forgot how much more time is needed for this style to come into its prime. Its too late now as I am ready to go and got my recipe tuned in. It should be drinkable, but usually Wee Heavys peak 3-6 months in! Wish me luck.

Brew Day.

Posted in Beer, Cider on November 10, 2008 by Aleforge

I setup in the garage and got brewing this past Sunday. It felt nice getting back into the swing a things, and my good bud Chris participated in the festivities with me.

It was fairly cool, around 45’F and a brisk wind so we fired up the fire pit and set the burner up just inside the garage. You had to be on top of the fire pit, or against the propane burner in order to not get the chills, so we migrated between the two all afternoon.


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