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Long Break.

Posted in Beer, Hops on October 28, 2008 by Aleforge


My Son was born September 24th, he is healthy and doing great. Outside of keeping my wife and I up all night, we are cherishing every moment. However, I really love when they start becoming more interactive AND sleeping longer between feedings! =)

Back to Beer:

With the return of the fall and cooler temperatures I have started to turn my attention to heavier, darker and higher ABV beers. Pumpkin Ales, Dunkels, Porters and bocks are making my mouth water. And its time to start planning on whats going to happen next. I think I will be turning away from kegging the next round, and try to hit up something large that will benefit from a nice aging. Once I make my decision I will be posting up info on the brew day along with some pictures!

Hop Update:

My hop crop didn’t do to well this year, I got only about 4 foot of growth on each. They stopped around July and looked like they got attacked by a few kinds of insects. This most likey stunted their growth, and they never took off. I got a feeling also that I didn’t give the root system enough good ground to spread through, as I was too lazy to till up a large enough area for them. If they pop back out next spring I will be removing them and planting them in a new area with much better prepared soil. I also will be doing a better job monitoring the watering, as last year we got record rainfalls followed by drought conditons, so the season ended up very rocky with a lot of guess work on the watering schedule.

Side Note:

Picked up a 6 pack of Michelob DunkelWeisse last week and really was suprised by this Macro offering. Michelob’s “craft” line has some decent brews if you stop in somewhere with a limited selection.