Mead Tasting.

I bottled my mead last night, as I was wary letting this go to long in the secondary. It was noted by others that since it doesn’t have a super high ABV that letting it sit on secondary might allow it to become oxidised fairly quick. So I kept it in there for about 7 days just to allow some additional clearing. So I made the batch on June 8th, went to secondary on July 13th and to the bottle on July 20th. Very fast mead indeed!

So how does it taste? I will say it came out a touch dryer then I anticipated, however Mead’s traditionallycan fall to either end of the spectrum. This batch came out like a white wine, with some really nice aroma. My wife being pregnant couldn’t indulge in it, but swished some around and spit it back out to taste it. She approves, which means allot, she is way more into wines then myself and said she would definitely drink this. Of course being pregnant and banned from any adult beverages for the past 7 months might have something to do with it. So her stigma of mead being like manure has been squashed, and I urge anyone that used chauncers as a guideline to reach out and try some others. I will add a photo of the finished product to this later on in the week.


3 Responses to “Mead Tasting.”

  1. Wow! That sure was fast! Looking forward to seeing the pictures 🙂

  2. Taipans Says:

    Very fast, that was the concept of JAOM, to make something drinkable in a short time. Malkore from the homebrewtalk forums came up with a variation dropping the bread yeast from the original recipe. I am fairly new to mead and find this kind of on the dry side. But so far its getting good approval from the wine drinkers I know. For not using my patience I am fairly proud of how it turned out. Although the orange zest and cinnamon didn’t come through at all. Nice site by the way, I’m going to mark it and stop in to get some tips and try something more traditional next!


  3. I didn’t think it was dry…

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