Hefeweizen approved.

I finally got my Apricot Hefeweizen hooked up to the tap last night. Poured off the settled particles and gave it a sample. Its very good if I say so myself. I used a partial mash kit from Austin Homebrew Supply out of Texas. It came with this concentrated apricot additive and I was afraid of two outcomes. One being an overpowering apricot flavor, and the other being more of a soapy kind of nastiness. I was surprised to find out the very strong smelling concentrate gave very little to the batch. It pulled off an aroma more then anything that actually faded half way through the pint. I could barely detect the flavor at all. Which honestly is a good thing as I would rather have it subtle then overpowering. The bitterness from the saaz is clean and snappy. It doesn’t linger, and shouldn’t turn off the people scared of beer with flavor. Not the most complex thing in the world, but its an American Hefeweizen so its spot on the style. It will be great after an afternoon of yard work.


3 Responses to “Hefeweizen approved.”

  1. I applaud your success. Hefeweizen’s are one of my flavorites.

  2. Taipans Says:

    Thanks Chris! It will be here for you the next time you guys come out.

  3. LOL if Audrey stops playing with the tappers and Mark quits accidentally setting things on them!

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