Smoked Chuck Roast.

For my birthday my wife got me a “Smokey Mountain Smoker” by Great Outdoors. The only thing I have attempted so far was chicken, and I smoked the living shit out of it. So much that everyone wondered if they were eating seasoned firewood. I had no idea what I was doing, and well I pretty much still don’t but I keep tying anyhow. I decided to go with a chuck roast this time, as we love pot roast and how it “pulls” so easily. Especially compared to brisket, which I am not a huge fan of.

We got a fairly small roast and it had a ton of fat in it. From what I have learned the fattier the piece, the easier it will pull and the harder it will be to dry out. I used a rub of pepper, garlic, salt, mustard powder and various herbs.


This is about hour 2 in the smoker. The meat had come up only to about 110’F at this point. I had the smoker set at about 250’F. After a few more hours I got some advice off the smoking meat forums to push the smoker temp to 300’F or I would be ordering pizza for dinner. After about 8 hours or so I had an internal temp of 165’F. So I removed the roast from the rack and wrapped it in foil, careful seal around the bottom to keep juices from dripping out. I also mopped the top in a brown sugar marinade I mixed up. I wanted to have some sweetness come through without the addition of BBQ sauce.

I returned it to the smoker for another few hours until the internal meat temp came up to 200’F. This is where things started to go somewhat wrong. I didn’t leave the meat to cook long enough at this internal temp. Instead I removed it, took it inside and expected to “pull” the meat. It didn’t pull at all, it was tough and hard even to slice.

So at this point I cut a piece of anyway to taste. It tasted fairly bland, and more like steak then anything else. My Wife hated it, she is sensitive to food as it is with being pregnant so the texture and taste made her get this repulsed look on her face. “This doesn’t taste anything like roast” she remarked. Ugh, so I failed I though, hours and hours spent tending to this with great anticipation and it was all for nothing. So I quickly hit the forums for some advice and got some good ones. I sprinkled some brown sugar over the top, add some water, covered with foil tightly and put it in the oven at 300’F. I let this for for a few more hours then removed it. I then left it covered for another hour so it could slowly cool on its own. I went down with no hope and was really shocked to see it pulling perfectly. I had great smoke penetration markings and it was juicy and tender. I ran up and took my wife a sample and she said it was “pretty good” but I also suspect “smoked meat” might not be her thing. Hopefully I can convert her eventually.

So that’s my adventure this past weekend. I learned a lot honestly, especially cooking this type of meat.

On a side note: My Apricot Hefeweizen is now kegged and carbed. All I have to do is hook my line out up and pour a pint. I will be posting pictures and my impression of how that turned out this week.


6 Responses to “Smoked Chuck Roast.”

  1. Hey, are you converting to a beer and outdoor cooking blog? That would be cool, they both go well together.

  2. Taipans Says:

    It seems to be the only two hobbies that strike my interest. So ya I guess I will be putting more information up on my outdoor cooking adventures. Their is much more to smoking meat then I have ever thought, and the possibilities are endless. I think I will be doing a round of babybacks this weekend. Maybe with a brown sugar based rub.

  3. Well… Cooking is a learning experience. We don’t all start out as Alton Brown! Practice makes perfect!

  4. Spacefish Says:

    Uh, I read a lot about brown sugar there… I wouldn’t ever treat meat with sugar if I still wanted to eat it. BLEH! 😉

  5. Well, I just put some of it on a plate. Put some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce on it, heated it in the microwave, and then put it on a bun. It is pretty darn good:)

  6. LOL I should note that it was Sweet Baby Ray’s Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce!

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