Mead & Hefe, Party in the basement!

Both my Mead and Hefe are doing well. As of last night my ambient basement temps are holding steady around 65. Kind of cool for the Hefeweizen, but I am sure it will be fine. I checked on my Lager also and it still has a cidery aroma to it (Acetaldehyde). It has been in cold storage for 3 weeks now at 34’F, I am giving it one more week then just kegging the SOB, calling over a few friends and clearing it out if it sucks. It was my first Lager and I learned a lot along the way. For instance, monitor your freezer or cooling device well if its on an outside GFI! I had mine trip 3 times from storms and it didn’t notice it until a day or so later. Luckily during the primary it only spiked to around 60’F. This is considered a BMC light clone, along the lines of Bud / Miller light. I wanted something super light and easy to drink, so my BMC fanatic friends could for once try and say they like homebrew. I know this is the complete ass backwards way of converting the die-hards, but I gave up on most of them already. And besides I don’t mind a light lager in the heat of the summer!

Here is what the MEAD looks like as of June 12th,

And the Hefeweizen,

The hefeweizen being at the lower temp did not need a blowoff setup, at least so far. But I doubt its going to go nuts all of a sudden now that 5 days have passed. The tube was a last minute deal anyhow, as you can see how small it is. I was warned by HBT members that it might clog and explode all over the place, luckily it didn’t happen. This batch will have an apricot addition at kegging, using an extract from Austin Home Brew.


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