Hop woes, or not.

This year I had an itch to grow my own hops. I decided this at the completely crappy time of may. It seems this was the year of the Gardner for my wife and I. As we also put in our first veggie garden, planted in a raised bed. Anyhow, I went out and read up on anything I could and started to ask questions. It seems Hops like to be in the ground just after the last frost (well before may in these parts). I planted mine around May 7th, so they have been hanging out for about 37 days now. All speculation was hops could go like mad “after” the first year of growing. So my expectationsshould not of been very high. However with optimal growth spikes of 3″+ a day I figured by now i would have at least something more notable. But so far all I got is this,

Since I am a first year Gardner of all things green and that grow I guess I didn’t understand how long it takes to get the roots established. So I am guessing they are doing their thing and as long as they are not dead I should chill out. Here is a close up of the Kent Golding which is now long enough to train,

I planted them right in my yard, I dug up the area shown about 6 inches deep, filled with a mix of “tree & shrub” soil and miracle grow potting mix. Put a very light layer of mulch on top to stop the stupid dog from digging them up (which he did on one 10 minutes after planting). Lightly watered and then crossed my fingers. I should have more of an idea on whats going on next month, as I figure a few months in the ground they should start to take off more.


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