Hefeweizen in the wind.

I bought a new burner last month and finally got to try it out last Sunday. As many of the guys know over and the hbt forums many of us got a great deal. We all paid 32.00 or so shipped for this set, which came with a high output burner, stand, aluminum pot / lid, thermometer and some odds and ends. It was hard to pass up, especially since my other burner was about 20 years old and the regulator looks handmade. Anyhow after about a month Amazon seemed to of sold out and now the price has jumped from 32.00 to 127.00 which makes the deal feel even better.


Picture was taken at pre-boil, if your wondering “why” the lid is on. Anyways so I got it put together and everything was going well. But that’s when I noticed something that was super obvious from the start. It was windy as HELL! I think we had a constant 15mph wind with 20-25mph gusts all afternoon. I failed to setup a windshield and this made the boil go horrible. If the wind stayed constant my rolling boil rocked, as soon as it would drop down some I would near boil over every time. In fact it was surging up and down so much that during the 60 minute boil I boiled over 3 times! This caused my shiny new pot and stand to look 10 years old when I was done! As everyone knows wort boil overs are hell to clean up, and this was no exception.

I just plowed through it though, I already had started and wanted to finish up, luckily the boil overs only made me lose about a 1/4 gallon of wort outside the 1 gallon boiled off. I learned my lesson though and will not ever attempt to use a burner outside without a windshield!


One Response to “Hefeweizen in the wind.”

  1. Thank God it was outside… could have been my stove again…

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